"On behalf of USPGG and of the GLobal Filipino Diaspora Council, let me extend a thunderous Congratulations to Secretary Imelda "Mely" Nicolas and her hardworking efficient attentive secretariat for the tremendous success of the 3rd Global Summit."

"Everything was well planned, excellently executed and tremendously very informative and inspiring."

Atty. Loida Nicolas Lewis
Chair - Global Filipino Diaspora Council

"We would like to congratulate you and your wonderful CFO staff for a very successful 3rd Global summit of Filipinos in the Diaspora. Thank you so much for the for their hospitality and generosity."

Dr. Evelyn Natividad
USP4GG/NaFFAA Illinois
President, GPHS Class 1965

Engr. Ely Natividad
USP4GG/NaFFAA Illinois
President, GPHS Class 1965

"I would like to commend you and your wonderful staff for an AMAZING Summit!! I thoroughly enjoyed it and wanted to further the discussions on how we might be able to incorporate the involvement of young leaders and young professionals."

Anthony Guevara
NaFFAA Region 6 - Chair
FYLPRO (Filipino Young Leadership Program) Batach 2013
PACC (Philippine Ameracan Chamber of Commerce) - TX

"Congratulations for another successful global Summit of the Filipino Diaspora"

Rev. Monsignor Jerry Bitoon
Diocese of San Pablo
Rome, Italy


"Three massive cheers to the indefatigable Secretary Imelda Nicolas and her team for putting on such a wonderful programme for the Global Filipino Diaspora. We all went away refreshed and raring to fulfill out task and leadership for our respective countries."

Gene Alcantara
Chair ENFiD

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